5 Amazing things about Riverdale Parc – Riverdale

As we celebrate our first wave of new family’s moving into Riverdale Parc, there a many reasons why they have chosen Riverdale Parc as their new residence among all other rental properties in Riverdale. There are plenty of amazing things about living at Riverdale Parc, including many unique features that are not available from other properties in the area.

riverdaleparc-building-entrance1IT’S BRAND NEW – There is nothing like being the first to move into your new apartment. From the fresh paint to the new carpet smell, everything is new. The advantages are many including new appliances, new hardwood, new bathrooms and new kitchens. An added benefit is the energy efficiency of a new building like Riverdale Parc offers.

TECHNOLOGY – Your home has the most advanced and effective residential climate control system available anywhere. The goal was a simple one – to make every room in your home as comfortable as possible. Your home should feel better than any home you have lived in before. Our “Room-by-Room” climate control system provides all the features needed to give you complete control over your comfort & energy usage. Other technology features include camera access to various parts of the amenities and building and exclusive “one-touch elevator call” from your apartment because we would not want you to have to wait for the elevator.

WALKING ACCESS TO WORK AND PLAY– If you need to take the bus, you are literally steps away. If you need the train to head to midtown Manhattan, again just steps away. If you want to head to the park, Henry Hudson Park and Seton Park are just a few steps away, giving you access to recreation, kids activities, exercise and spectacular views of the Hudon River.

THE GREAT OUTDOORS – One of the most unique features of Riverdale Parc is our expansive outdoor veranda. Our private access veranda comes complete with landscape and hard scape areas, BBQ areas and lounge furniture. A great spot for weekend gatherings of family parties, this expansive area is included in the cost of your monthly rent.

PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR – This unique indoor lounge area is great for gatherings, parties, meetings, lounging, sporting events, catered parties, surfing the internet, playing cards or board games or just about any activity you could dream of. This area is exclusive to our residents and also includes a kitchen for catering, business center and outdoor access to a private patio area so the party can extend itself outside.

The is so much more we offer at Riverdale Parc.

Come and visit our fully furnished and decorated model home.  For your private tour of the facility, call (718) 543 – 2727 or visit us at RiverdaleParc.com